How we work

1 We invite

Uitnodiging icoon We invite you and want to get to know you.

Businessmodel icoonShare us your story, we’ll listen and analyze your business case together.

Blockchain intro icoonWe introduce decentralized technology and connect it to your needs and wishes.

Demo icoon A prototype will help you visualize the potential of decentralized technology for your enterprise.

2 We gather insights

Nadenken over Blockchain icoonWe challenge you to think about Blockchain possibilities.

Mindset icoon We acquire insights in your ideas, priorities and your way of thinking.

Workshop icoonWe like to enlarge upon the next step: a customized workshop.

3 We challenge you

 Workshop in progress
  • So, we got to know each other. Let’s have a closer look and search for useful decentralized ideas. How can my story benefit from Blockchain?
  • Trase tailors the workshop and brainstorms to your needs and people. We are keen on encouraging creativity in each participant.
  • The three most valuable concepts will be rescued from the storm. Together we’ll determine which idea is achievable, viable and has the most to offer for your company.

4 From idea to prototype
Proof of concept

Analyse icoonIn an analysis, we summarize the proposition the workshop has generated.

Proof of concept icoon To make this idea tangible we develop a Proof of Concept (POC), a prototype of your personal Blockchain based application.

End-to-end oplossingenThis POC will familiarize you with the potential and end-to-end solutions of decentralized technologies.

5 We incorporate the POC application
Enterprise integration

Enterprise integration
  • We integrate the POC application and adjust it with the existing technology and operation of your enterprise.
  • We offer maintenance and support as well as further development and updates.
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Who we are

Match made in heaven

Trase connects a strong belief in decentralized technology with strategic advice and technical expertise. We use this complementary approach to provide each issue of a sustainable solution, from problem to implementation.

End-to-end Blockchain partner

Trase is the partner that grows with you, who’ll guide you through the Blockchain scenery. Together we walk the path toward an end-to-end solution that provides the answers to your question, but also those of your team and customers.

Trase office
“Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t” - Bill Nye

Trase University

There aren’t many Blockchain developers or Blockchain architects. To meet this issue, we unveil something huge: our own Trase University. It’s our way to create some Blockchain awareness and share the knowledge. But it acts as a gatekeeper for our quality as well. We challenge professional developers and technical strategists to unravel the puzzle called Blockchain and to become smart contract masters.

Trase Univeristy logo

In addition to a training center for Blockchain believers, Trase University is also the home of our research on decentralized technology. By sharing knowledge and working together, our expertise on this young technology booms.

Are you one of the first Blockchain developers or architects in Belgium?

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer

As a Blockchain developer you program smart contracts, develop Blockchain networks and take care of the integration with various enterprise applications.

Blockchain Architect


A Blockchain architect is the key figure between the customer and the development team. Thanks to a smooth communication, strategic insight and a strong base in decentralized technology you translate customer needs into a suitable case for your technical team.

Part of

Bewire logo

Bewire is a hotspot for innovative digital solutions and software management. It's an ecosystem were knowledge and experience from various areas of expertise are shared with each other. Thanks to the cooperation and know-how of our professionals, Bewire is able to facilitate research, analysis, project management and the development of a product or service itself.


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